Friday, February 22, 2013

Lens Play

I'm a huge fan of wide angle lenses.  During the last few months of photographing for the INVISIBLE project my Sigma 10-20mm lens hardly left the body of my camera.  It's a versatile lens throughout the short range.  The perspective can change quite a bit from one end of the range to the other.  Here's an image I made at 20mm while I walking through the Ludington state park.

Not a bad frame, but I hadn't fallen into my groove yet.  I decided to make one more image from the 10mm range  I moved a little bit forward, dropped the zoom and made the following image.

I moved closer to the stump, lost the sticks on the beach, but also gave the image some depth.  Most notably, the cluster of trees in the distance.  This helped me to decide how I wanted to frame the image for the final image.  I will say this.  I ended up framing it vertically and from another position.  It made a huge difference for the final photograph that will be in the book.

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