Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Rare Occurrence

Recently, I received my new super color infrared converted camera.  While I haven't had the time to shoot like I would have wished, I have made it out into some familiar places.  The other day I ventured out onto the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, mainly because it's a place I know well.  It's safe.

After a recent dose of heavy rain, I headed out in the hopes of finding something new to photograph or at least something old, but in a new way.  I was amazed at all the new/old things I was able to see/re-see.  Imagine my surprise to find many small pools of standing water, in what is normally a vast expanse of sand and little else.  A sight like that is worth exploring, but most importantly it's worth finding a way to tell a story.

Thirst III

Rare Twist
Shooting with the super color IR converted camera has forced me to relearn how I like to make photographs.  The super color IR conversion is based on more after capture processing, a step I'm not sure I'm fond of yet.  While it does offer more creative possibilities, it's going to take many hours and mistakes to learn to get it right.  That's why this is a journey.

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